universal love

clear conscience
elif çağlar’ın ilk abümü music’ten bir şarkı.sözleri çok tatlı,insana en kötü anında bile neşe verebilecek kıvamda.

he started talking to me in spanish

i could not quite get what he said
"sorry boy, no hablo español"
but he did not give up the idea
of me coming from south
he said "howdy", i said "i’m from turkey"
he thought that it was great
but i was sure he could not find it on the map
but he did not give up
and i did not want him to give up

we kept on talking
the more we talked
we saw how different we were
but we decided we were gonna be patient
’cuz ours was not only a matter of
either - either, neither - neither
still we did not bother

he laughed at my accent
showed me the ways to correct it
he kept on givin’ me
sweet universal love

and so i said honey
for you i can be
from carolina or canada
and if you like to hear country music
i’ll learn a few tunes
and i’ll sing them in portuguese
when we visit china

sweet alabama, georgia
as long as you love me
with a love above all this
i can be from mars
i can be from texas

’cuz love’s universal
love’s fundamental
love is the answer
love’s what we’re here for
love has no different looks
no different books
no different tunes
nothin’ to lose
love, love is the answer
love is the answer
love’s universal
love’s universal
love’s what we’re all here for

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