maroon 5 $arkısı..

watch the sunrise
say your goodbyes
off we go
some conversation
no contemplation
hit the road

car overheats
jump out of my seat
on the side of the highway baby
our road is long
your hold is strong
please don’t ever let go oh no

i know i don’t know you
but i want you so bad
everyone has a secret
but can they keep it
oh no they can’t

driving fast now
don’t think i know how to go slow
where you at now
i feel around
there you are

cool these engines
calm these jets
i ask you how hot can it get
and as you wipe of beads of sweat
slowly you say ’i’m not there yet!’
the pierces şarkısı, ayrıyetten dexter trail’ı.

got a secret
can you keep it?
swear this one you’ll save
better lock it, in your pocket
taking this one to the grave
if i show you then i know you
won’t tell what i said
cause two can keep a secret
if one of the m is dead…

why do you smile
like you have told a secret
now you’re telling lies
cause you’re the one to keep it
but no one keeps a secret
no one keeps a secret
why when we do our darkest deeds
do we tell?
they burn in our brains
become a living hell
cause everyone tells
everyone tells…

look into my eyes
now you’re getting sleepy
are you hypnotized
by secrets that you’re keeping?
i know what you’re keeping
i know what you’re keeping
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