r u still down

efsanevi gansta rap sanatcisi 2pac’in bana gore en manyak sarkilarindan biri. bu sarki ayni zamanda 2pac’in olumunden 1 sene sonra yani 1997’de cikan albumune ismini vermistir ve biz 2pac fanatiklerini supheye dusurmustur. cunku album kapaginda 2pac aynen soyle diyor: "keep the faith in me, i won’t let u down!" neyse sozlerini de yazalim tam olsun. ha unutmadan bu sarkinin diger bir ismi de "remember me" dir. ozellikle notorious b.i.g ve onun east coast takimini asagilamak icin 2pac oturmus bu sarkiyi yazmis. bize de dinlemek duser.

r u still down (repeat 3x)

verse one: 2pac

now up and at em it’s on, i was raised to be strong
and mama told me be a thug since the day i was born
i came up, out the gutter never changed my style
got for real about my papers, cause the game was wild
and the fame was a plot to try to change me
and what’s strange is nobody knew my name ’fore it came
now the whole world is calling me a, killer
all i ever did, was try to reach the kids with the real
all the time i was ballin, never heard my friends callin
couldn’t stop myself from fallin, i’m all in
shit’s gettin sleazy, believe me
best to take what ya need, but don’t be greedy
cause in my mind, i see sunshine, i thought
i didn’t have to run, now i’m duckin from the gun yellin, ’one-time’
take your time to feel my record, and if you did
chill a second, my blind method, will still wreck it
my young homies stay strong
i wonder if they’ll listen to a nigga when he gone, r u still down?

chorus: 2pac

raise em up... r u still down?
(repeat 5x)

verse two: 2pac

i’m gettin high, so a nigga think he touch the sky
turn tough inside, in the rush to die
livin life as a thug time to face the truth
what’s goin on with the wasted youth, please god
come and save me (save me), had to work with what ya gave me
and got a nigga goin crazy
i can’t read the signs, i’m blind, but a nigga know
he need his nine, cause times, they ain’t what they used to be
ain’t a penitentiary built big enough for me
and my niggaz on the streets, man listen
cause these ain’t the old days
ain’t no way i’ma bustin my ass and gettin no pay
it seems i can’t find my focus, and homey i ain’t paranoid
i seen the future and it’s hopeless
lord knows, its hard on a young scrub
it seems i had less problems when i slung drugs
but since i’m tryin lace niggaz with the game
wanna see me locked in chains, tryin to dirty up my name
and them same motherfuckers that was callin me
will be the first to turn their backs, when i’m fallin, see
i should have seen it from the jump, but now it’s clear
this one nigga got the town in fear, but r u still down


verse three: 2pac

i wrote this for my critics and my, enemies
last year ya used to love me, huh remember me
now ya hate me with a passion, tryin to get me stuck in the mix
i’m stayin sharp, got no time for them tricks
and now they wonder if i’m goin to jail
just as well, cause my life on the streets - a living hell
and i can’t sleep, they got my phone tapped, and mercy lord
come get me ’fore they hurt me
ran outta tears, and through the years couldn’t change me
my daddy left me alone, and so i’m angry
i never did nothin wrong, my mama told me, "baby it’s on"
and now i’m hustlin and bustlin bones
never said it came easy, i’m makin cheese
buyin all the things on tv, and gettin skeezed
wish my homeboys could see me now
little bad motherfucker runnin wild through the town
please tell me, r u still down?

r u still down, to raise em up? remember me (repeat 2x)
r u still down, to raise em up?

r u still down, to raise em up? remember me (repeat 3x)
r u still down, to raise em up?

r u still down, to raise em up? remember me (repeat 3x)
r u still down, to raise em up?

that’s right y’all, give them bitches the motherfuckin middle finger
raisssse em up
these hoes can’t fade me, don’t these bitches know we crazy?
thug life, niggaz, be, the sickest
you feel me? now get that shit written down
god damn!
took four years and a motherfuckin case for these motherfuckers to feel me
ain’t that a bitch?

r u still motherfucking down?
old hoe ass fake ass niggaz
we out this motherfucker

2pac’ın, ölümünden 1 yıl sonra çıkan albümü. tracklist şöyle:

disc 1:

1. redemption
2. open fire
3. r u still down? (remember me)
4. hellrazor
5. thug style
6. where do we go from here- (interlude)
7. i wonder if heaven got a ghetto
8. nothing to lose
9. i m gettin money
10. lie to kick it
11. fuck all y all
12. let them thangs go
13. definition of a thug nigga

disc 2:

1. ready 4 whatever
2. when i get free
3. hold on be strong
4. i m losin it
5. fake ass bitches
6. do for love
7. enemies with me
8. nothin but love
9. 16 on death row
10. i wonder if heaven got a ghetto - (hip-hop version)
11. when i get free ii
12. black starry night- (interlude)
13. only fear of death

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