hollaback boy

king of swords
cobra starship gurubunun gwen stefani nin hollaback girl şarkısından esinlenerek seslendirdikleri parça:

uh huh holy shit
its about time you get off my dick

few times ive been around that track
but your ass is still fat [fast]
gonna stay like that
cuz i aint yo hollaback boy
i aint yo hollaback boy

mmmhmm this is my shit

you damn right i was talking shit
i told ure man so you would hear it
what you doin actin like dat
now people know whassup
see you kickin my place
over lookin your face
i hit a home run
then i kicked u out
first i broke my pompom out
and now you know whassup

mmmhm this is my shit

so last night girl i saw you underneath the bleachers
givin head to a substitute teacher
perfect grades didnt make no sense
but now its all cleared up
and its coming right back
cuz im tellin your pap
so dont freak out when the secrets out
thats right cuz you cant deny this
your knees are all scratched up

mmmhm this is my shit

let me hear you say this shit is supercalifragilistic expialidocious
s.u.p.e.r.c.a.l.i.f.r.a.... whatttttttt!!

mmmhm this is my shit

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