my love

kim price’nin bir sarkisi;

my darling my love i’m here for you!
because my love is deep and true!
you showed me how to be a man!
then took me in your arms and then!

i didn’t think i had a chance!
to show you how i can romance!
my feelings that i keep inside!
will soon come out for you no lie!

even tho we do the things!
that only people share and bring!
i can remember one nightout!
was meeting you and that’s no doubt!

so here’s to you my only love!
it’s not over but just begun!
i give my hand to you this way!
and forever is not that far away!

i want you to know your special to me!
for all the times that you had free!
but one more thing before i close!
you are my flower my only rose!

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